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Hey babes!! ❤️🤗 I’m so sorry I’ve been away from the blogging world for the past two weeks. I’ve been studying my 🙊 off, but I’m so glad to be back!! That’s until my next test 💁🏼. Lets get down to business shall we. Sugar…. how much is too much!! The American Heart Association suggest men consuming 37.5 g/d and women to have 25 g/d. 

So for myself, 25g/d would be about 6 teaspoons a day. 

How sugar can effect you: 

  • Weight gain
  • Obesity 
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar 
  • High levels of triglycerides 
  • High levels of uric acid levels 
  • You can become insulin resistant (type II diabetes) 
  • It’s additive 
  • No essential nutrients 
  • Fructose overload in the liver (fatty liver disease)

Did you know:  

Welch’s fruit snacks have 11g of sugar=2.75 teaspoons 

1 liter of Coca Cola is about 102 grams of sugar=20 teaspoons of sugar 

The Starbucks new cinnamon roll is also contains the same amount of sugar as 1 Coca Cola liter. That’s crazy!!

The flavor pumps at Starbucks has 5g of sugar per 1 pump. 

I do love Greek yogurt, but Chobanis fruit on the bottom yogurt has 15g of sugar in one container. 

To my fruit worshippers 🙏 who know this as well, fruit is not bad for you!! 

Fruit contains natural sugar, but also is packed with disease fighting vitamins and minerals. Within the correct portion size (2 1/2- 6 1/2) cups per day, fruit is a major food group. Let’s not forget it’s also recommended by the USDA 😉

Don’t forget it’s all about portion size (diabetic patients ask doctor). 

Have a great day guys!! 


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Smoothie Vlog :)

Happy Friday everyone!! 

I had so much fun making my first smoothie vlog that of course I had to make a second one!!

With a blender add: 

1 cups of frozen mangos 

1-2 frozen banana 

1 cup of strawberries 

2-3 fl oz of water 

1-2 tbsp of chia seeds 


Thank you so much guys for checking out my blog. Please comment below and let me know your thoughts!! 

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My first smoothie vlog!!

My first smoothie video!! PBJ vs. chunky monkey *1-2 frozen bananas * 1 cup of frozen blueberries *PB and Chocolate powder 1tsp * 1tsp of chia seeds * half a cup of water Happy National Nutrition Month!! ❤️🤗 Don’t forget to check out my daily blog post ❤🤗 #nutrition #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthybreakfast #healthyrecipes #healthylife #healthymeals #healthylifestyle #healthysnacks #blogger #blondehair #bloggers #bloggerstyle #blog #bloggerlife #nutritionist #nutritionblogger #fitness #food #health #healthblogger #vegetarian #vegan #plantbased #fruit #vegetarian #yoga #yogainspiration #happy #fun

Your 5 nutrition terms for the week!! 

Hey friendly folks!! I thought it would be fun for every Friday we go over 5 nutrition terms!! Let me know what you think about this in the comment box below!! 

Nutrient Dense Food: Higher quantity of food and nutrients for few/little calories. Ex.) kale, strawberries, raspberries, spinach, and many more. 

Organic Foods: food that has been grown or raised without pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. 

Glucose: a component in carbohydrates, is also a simple sugar, and is used as the energy source for the body. 

Insulin: a hormone, that is used to help glucose get through the cells, to enter the blood. Created in the pancreas. 

Dietary Reference Intake (DRI): a reference and guide, to tell you how much nutrients you should be consuming daily for a healthy diet. 

Thanks guys!! 


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Did booking a trip to Miami change my lifestyle!?

Hey there friendly folks and happy Friyay!! I hope everyone had the best and most positive week. Did you ever book a trip and you’re like “oh shit” I have to get in shape for this one!! I’ve been pushing myself to get bikini ready. In january I did the 30 day challenge. Where I didn’t have a cheat meal once. I went to the gym 2 times a week, had plant based proteins, and was really watching what I ate. I lost 8lbs in the process. I fell a little off track after Valentine’s Day, but March first starts the new 30 day challenge before Miami!! 

Here are my new “improved” steps come march 1st: 

I love milk!! Especially at night. It really curves my appitiate if I’m craving a snack. Instead of dairy I will be choosing non sweetened almond milk.

With that said about the milk, I really want to cut down on my sugar intake. I will be trying to cut out any added sugar. This one will be hard!! 

More greens will make me lean!! 🙂 

I want to try to incorporate as many greens into my meals as possible. Not only are they a great source of vitamins and minerals, but are nutrient dense. Which means you can fill up on them without having a lot of calories. 

I will also be adding greens to my smoothies!! I will be trying to incorporate one smoothie per day. During lunch time I get sluggish and reach for that coffee with milk and sugar. I rather have a more healthier and natural sugar choice with fruits. It will give me the energy I need for that mid day slug. 

Of course you can choose lean meats like skinless chicken or turkey, but vegetable proteins are a great choice too. With less fat and fewer calories, you can get a good source of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 

My new obsession is cycleing!! I highly recommended adding this once a week to your workout routine. It’s intense, you will be dripping sweat and dropping calories!! 

Instead of going to the gym twice a week, I added on another day of running. With cycle bar added,  I am trying to workout four times a week. 

I love my water!! I am trying to get at least 2L in a day to stay hydrated. 
After my 30 day challenge I will have one cheat meal per week. But going on this Miami “diet” has really made me see the bigger picture. I love my body so much that I want to stay in the best shape and be healthy for myself. Booking a trip to Miami really made me look at my eating habits and how lazy I was when it came to working out. I’m pushing myself, fueling my body, and it has been impovered my overall mood as well. My body feels nourished, healthier, happier, and I have way more energy. 

Have the best weekend!! 🙂


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My relationship with food changed!? 

I’ve always been a healthy individual, but after the past year of emotional(binge) eating, I’ve learned my relationship with food had to change. 

Binging at night, stuffing my face with empty calories, and low nutrient dense foods. My mood suffered and my weight went up 20lbs. 

How I changed my ways: 

  • First I had to change the way I viewed myself. Instead of focusing on all the stress, I focused on caring about my emotional and physical health. I care about myself so much more, that I don’t want to cause future problems for my body and health. 
  • I tried to switch things up. I went from eating burgers multiple times a week, to plant based proteins every day. 

  • My days are filled with different colors. I always make sure I have fruits and vegetables every day, no matter what! 
  • Even my snacks are filled with colors. I am a huge yogurt fan, so I indulge on non-fat plain Greek yogurt with blueberries or strawberries. 
  • I choose whole grain breads. In moderation.
  • I don’t eat pizza anymore. Pizza was my go to favorite emotional food. But now if I have it, it will be once every three months. 
  • I stopped eating my meals and snacks at night. My dinner is around 6:30-7. My snack at night will either be a small glass of low-fat, almond, or soy milk or a snack that’s 50 calories or lower. 
  • The hardest one had to be cutting out wine during the week. I use to have wine once or twice on the week days. No matter how bad I want it, a healthy glass of wine can be over 200 calories. That’s an extra 400-500 calories just during the week. If you drink on the  weekend as well, you’re looking at over 1000 calories over your caloric (energy) intake. That’s a lot to think about. 
  • And finally the most important one. I look at food as my reward. I need to earn my food. I need to keep moving during the day, drink a lot of water, and exercise.  Then if I am out and want to indulge on that small treat, I can. I’m learning to view food as an item I need to fuel my body, instead of an over powering thing. 

Eat nutrient dense and whole foods:)



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